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Marita Esteva

Marita Esteva

San Francisco, CA


“I dream paintings; it’s how I see the world; it’s when I’m the most honest”

Artist, painter and videographer, Marita Esteva began painting on her bedroom wall at the age of two. During summer vacations to her native Mexico City, her grandfather, an avid art collector would take Marita to exhibitions of the great Mexican muralists including Tamyo and Diego Riviera and over the ensuing years provided counsel, encouraging her to continue to paint, no matter the outcome.

Raised in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Marita dreamed of studying Architecture at University of Michigan:

“I was fascinated by the concept of putting elements together, watching it build upon itself and rise up, and so I would design and construct models of houses and buildings. My style of painting enables me to construct elements and layers, to build upon that which has come before.”

Starting college in 1996, she undertook studies in Film and Art to expand her knowledge of the visual medium, and by 2001 had graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Film & Video, and Bachelor of Fine Arts, both from University of Michigan.

In 2000, Marita traveled on assignment to Kenya to shoot a video for local religious group, Renewal Ministries, and returned to Ghana in 2001 to document women's health issues in the city of Accra as part of a partnership between University of Michigan and Ghana's University of Accra. While on assignment, Marita continued to paint; sourcing paper and acrylics from neighboring villages, often traveling for days to locate materials to produce her work.

From 2001 to 2003 Marita held residency as writer and artist at "Inside Out Literary Arts" at Detroit’s Western International High School, and in the Summer of 2003 was chosen to help design and paint a mural in downtown as part of the “Detroit Beautification Project”.

She returned to Uganda in 2004 for three months to assist with Art Therapy classes, before relocating permanently to San Francisco, California.

“The biggest inspiration for my work today is abstract expressionist artist Richard Diebenkorn. Captivated by his "Ocean Park" series, I moved to California in 2004 partially to experience the light he painted in for myself and have been fascinated ever since.”


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